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Hospital radio throughout the UK is a volunteer service operating through registered charities. Choice Radio for the Worcestershire Royal is one such service (Registered No. 504928).

To deliver Choice Radio we rely on the good will and freely available expertise of trusted volunteers to engage in a wide variety of tasks including presenting, production, ward visiting, technical support, public relations, and fundraising. If you are thinking of becoming a Choice volunteer, we need you and would welcome your interest - please see the membership page for more info.

Choice Radio benefits from a multiplicity of income streams. In addition to our volunteers giving their time and expertise freely and generously, they also provide a base level of income via annual subscriptions, as do many Hospital Radio stations. We are grateful to each of our members for their support and we are currently committed to a comprehensive initiative to add to our membership by way of a vigorous recruitment drive.

Choice Radio has benefited considerably from the support of Friends of the Worcestershire Royal. We are extremely grateful for all that the Friends give to our station and very much look forward to this continuing. We are also grateful to the on-going and generous support we receive from Simply Musicals.

Choice Radio in the past has been successful in obtaining grants, one of which helped build the current studio set up, in 2002. Our executive committee is continually on the lookout for such opportunities.

Additionally, monies have been raised via advertising income through regular production of our Smile magazine.

We are now looking to fresh opportunities for people to donate to our charity. One of these is our Sponsorship Program. By clicking here you can download a leaflet that explains the ‘why, what, where and how’ of that initiative.

Finally we are always happy to receive your cheque, which you can mail to us at: Choice Radio, Richard Young Centre, Aconbury East, Worcestershire Royal Hospital, Worcester WR5 1DD.

We sincerely thank you for your interest in us and are pleased to assure you that all forms of support to Choice Radio are entirely devoted to our commitment to the health and well being of hospital patients in the county.

In particular we are grateful to the Friends of the Worcestershire Royal, and Simply Musicals for their support.