Our members come from all walks of life and span virtually all age groups, from college students with an interest in radio to retired folk who maybe suddenly have time on their hands.

If you’re interested in joining us then this information pack has further information on becoming a member.

We find the amount you get out of it is directly related to the amount you put in, whether this is going round the wards, being an assistant on someone’s show, serving on the committee, or presenting and producing your own show.

The feeling obviously goes both ways, judging by the feedback which we often receive from the patients, some of whom contact us later wishing to become members of the organisation in order to give something back themselves.

so being a hospital radio volunteer can be fun and rewarding, and we’re always on the hunt for new members.

As a member you will take part in ward visiting, events such as outside broadcasts & fund-raising activities, and are also expected to attend our annual general meeting, If you want you will also have the opportunity to co-present whilst training towards hosting your own show.

Please note that our minimum membership age is 18.